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Most Recent Hydrographic Surveys

Below is a table showing the most recent surveys available.   As surveys are completed, this page will be updated, so please check back periodically.  All still images that you will view from this page are in Adobe Acrobat '.pdf' format and can be saved by going through "File>Save As".

By clicking on the harbor name, you will see the project map of the harbor, WITHOUT SOUNDINGS.  As the surveys are completed, the respective sheet number (of the entire set) will be shown under the appropriate category.  Click on the number to view that sheet.

By clicking on the words "project condition" under the column "NOTICE TO NAVIGATION", the "Notice to Navigation Interests" for that harbor will be displayed. This will only be displayed once the project condition survey is completed.

The Digital Mapping consists of Microstation '.dgn' and Autodesk '.dwg' files. Click on "DWG" or "DGN" and you will download the file.



Project Condition 

Notice to Navigation Interests

Digital Mapping

Ashtabula Harbor


 Project Condition DGNDWG 

Barcelona Harbor


Project Condition  DGN,  DWG 
Black Rock Canal


Project Condition  DGNDWG 
Buffalo Harbor


Project Condition DGNDWG 
Buffalo River 


Project Condition   DGN, DWG
Cape Vincent Harbor


Project Condition  DGNDWG 
Cattauraugus Creek


Project Condition DGN,  DWG 
Cleveland Harbor


Project Condition DGNDWG 

Conneaut Harbor


Project Condition DGNDWG 
Cooley Canal P1 Project Condition   DGN, DWG
Cuyahoga River


Project Condition  DGN,  DWG
Dunkirk Harbor


Project Conditions DGN, DWG


Erie Harbor


 Project Condition DGNDWG 

 Fairport Harbor

P1-3 Project Conditions  DGNDWG 
Great Sodus Bay


Project Condition  DGNDWG 
Huron Harbor


Project Condition DGNDWG 
Irondequoit Bay P1 Project Condition  DGNDWG 
Little Sodus Bay P1P2  Project Condition  DGN, DWG
 Little River  P1 Project Condition  DGNDWG 
Lorain Harbor  P1-3 Project Condition DGNDWG 
Morristown Harbor


Niagara River


Project Condition  DGN, DWG
Oak Orchard Harbor


 Project Condition DGNDWG 
Ogdensburg Harbor


Project Condition  DGNDWG 
Olcott Harbor


Project Condition  DGNDWG 
Oswego Harbor


Project Condition  DGN, DWG
Port Clinton Harbor P1  Project Condition  DGN, DWG
Port Ontario Harbor P1     
Put-In-Bay Harbor P1   Project Condition DGN, DWG 
Rochester Harbor P1-P4  Project Condition DGNDWG
Rocky River P1 Project Condition  DGN,  DWG
Sandusky Harbor


Project Condition  DGNDWG 
 Sackets Harbor P1  Project Condition  DGNDWG 
Sturgeon Point Marina P1  Project Condition DGNDWG 
Toledo Harbor

P1,  P2,  P3

P4,  P5,  P6

P7,  P8,  P9, P10

Project Condition DGN, DWG
Toussaint Harbor  P1 Project Condition  DGN, DWG 
Vermilion Harbor P1  Project Condition   DGN, DWG
West Harbor P1,  P2,  P3 Project Condition  DGN, DWG
Wilson Harbor P1 Project Condition DGN, DWG