Buffalo Library


The Buffalo District Technical Library provides research service and maintains a relevant collection to support the operations of the district office.


Collection Development:

The Buffalo District Technical Library seeks to enhance our knowledge base.  This includes completed and ongoing projects, guidance for various branches of engineering, and historical materials pertinent to our region.  We are a steward for over 15,000 books and reports, 20,000 maps and drawings, and a large and growing digital collection.


Corps of Engineers Library Program Online Catalog

Contact the Librarian

1-800-833-6390 (option 8)

Looking for a report or book?

Headquarters is now in the early phase of development for a future online service that will give our customers a new catalog interface that simplifies library and end-user requesting workflows through timesaving resource-sharing tools. In the meantime, please call or email if you have questions or concerns: 978-318-8349 or library@usace.army.mil.

Have a question for the Buffalo District Librarian?

Send an email to Buffalo-Library@usace.army.mil and include the following information:
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