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The Feasibility Study will identify and analyze combinations of flood risk management and ecosystem restoration measures in order to develop the best flood risk management plan for each community. A total of 10 measures were identified in the initial screening: 

1. Detention storage areas 

2. Diversion structures 

3. Floodwalls 

4. Control structures to prevent overflow

5. Levees 

6. Channel Realignment 

7. Removal or modification of structural impediments in the floodplain

8. Channel Deepening 

9. Continued clearing and snagging of Blanchard River

10.  Non-structural measures: retrofitting of residential and commercial buildings to reduce flood damages  



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Blanchard River Watershed Study Maps

Findlay Study Area 


Alternative Plan F1 Part 1 


Alternative Plan F1 Part 2 


Alternative Plan F2 


Alternative Plan F3


Non Structural Measures Figure 


Alternative Plan O1 


Alternative Plan O2 


Alternative Plan O3 


Alternative Plan O4 


Detention Study Area Map 


Area of Potential Effects Study Map 


Potential Ecosystem Restoration / Mitigation 


Blanchard River Watershed Study Map