Lake Ontario Habitat Support project

The Great Lakes have lost about 60 percent of their total original wetlands resources. The degradation of sensitive wetland resources within Lake Ontario has been exacerbated as a result of outflow regulation practices over the past 50 years.

Through the utilization of previously developed Corps models (i.e. FEPS, IERM, Sediment Transport (516e), etc.), the Lake Ontario Habitat Support project will enable the Corps to assist our stakeholders and partners in evaluating wetland and coastal impacts, and to evaluate opportunities for ecosystem restoration and enhancement of coastal wetlands.

This project will determine possible locations along Lake Ontario where potential restoration projects or other interventions should focus in order to improve and protect degraded wetlands and coastlines.

This effort will include outreach and consultation with partners, NYSDEC, NYDOS, NOAA, ERDC, TNC, in order to optimize the use of existing tools as well as to create new decision support tools targeted at any agency or entity involved with coastal restoration or development activities.

The LOHS support project covers the entire near-shore area of Lake Ontario in New York State.

Lake Ontario Natural and Nature Based Features Opportunities


Coastal Wetland Decision Support Tool

Sediment Budgets for Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

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