Civil Works


Civil Works Overview

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Buffalo District is one of seven districts in the Lakes and Rivers Division.  The Buffalo District oversees water resources in three states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, and has been serving the lower Great Lakes since 1857.  The District's area of responsibility covers 38,000 square miles from Toledo, Ohio to Massena. New York. 

 In addition to the Civil Works missions, the USACE has other program authorities that enable the agency to support the Nation: 

  • Continuing Authorities Program
  • Environmental Infrastructure
  • Floodplain Management Services
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Planning Assistance to the States
  • Regulatory
  • Watershed Studies

In order for USACE to pursue a study or project, the agency must have Congressional Authorization.   Types of authorization include formal acts, such as the Water Resources Development Act, Committee Resolutions, and existing authorities such as the Continuing Authorities Program.

Authorizations provide USACE the approval to pursue studies and projects.  However, funding (known as appropriations) is required for a specific study or project to proceed.  The USACE receives annual appropriations through the Energy and Water Development Act which is passed by Congress and approved by the President of the United States.