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General Investigation Program

The General Investigation Program, known as the G.I. Program, establishes a process by which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) can help a community solve a water resource problem.

Under the General Investigation Program, the USACE would jointly conduct a study and, if shown by the study to be feasible, construct a project. This approach requires that Congress provide the USACE first with authority to accomplish a feasibility study and second, to construct a project. Local sponsors share the study and construction costs with the USACE, and usually pay for all operation and maintenance costs.

The General Investigation Program may be used to address a variety of water resource problems including navigation, flood risk management, ecosystem restoration, and hurricane and storm damage reduction.


Section 905(b) - Reconnaissance and Feasibility Studies

Section 729 - Watershed Planning

Section 22 - Planning Assistance to States and Indian Tribes


 For additional information about the USACE General Investigation Program please contact: buffalo-civilworks@usace.army.mil.