Program & Project Fact Sheets

View fact sheets to learn about our programs and projects.
The tables below are organized by state congressional districts.

Multi-State Fact Sheets

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Congressional DistrictsProgram or Project NameFact Sheet Link
VariousArmy Installation Five-Year Periodic Environmental ReviewsAEC_Periodic_Reviews.pdf
VariousFPMS ComprehensiveFPMS_Comprehensive.pdf
VariousGL RAPGL_RAP.pdf
VariousGreat Lakes Hydrilla CollaborativeAPC_Hydrilla_Collab.pdf
VariousPlanning Assistance to States Program PlanningAssistanceToStates.pdf

Fact Sheets by Congressional District

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Congressional DistrictProgram or Project NameFact Sheet Link
Indiana 3FUSRAP - Joslyn Manufacturing SiteJoslynManufacturing.pdf
New York 21205 Salmon River, Village of Malone, NY205_Salmon_River_WWTP_Village_of_Malone_NY.pdf
New York 21Ogdensburg Harbor, NYOgdensburgHarbor.pdf
New York 21Morristown HarborMorristownHarbor.pdf
New York 23204 Buffalo RSM @ Outer Harbor204_Buffalo_RSM_Outer_Harbor.pdf
New York 23GLRI Springville DamGLRI_SpringvilleDam.pdf
New York 23205 Thatcher Brook, Gowanda205_Thatcher_Brook.pdf
New York 23Barcelona HarborBarcelonaHarbor.pdf
New York 23Dunkirk HarborDunkirkHarbor.pdf
New York 23Cattaraugus Creek HarborCattaraugusCreekHarbor.pdf
New York 23Sturgeon Point MarinaSturgeonPointMarina.pdf
New York 24107 Lake Ontario, Oswego Harbor Deepening, Oswego, NY107_Lake_Ontario_Oswego_Harbor_Deepening_Oswego_NY.pdf
New York 24Canandaigua VA CARESCanandaigua_VA_CARES.pdf
New York 24Eighteen Mile Creek AOC Data AnalysisEighteen_Mile_Creek_AOC_Data_Analysis.pdf
New York 24Great Sodus Bay HarborGreatSodusBayHarbor.pdf
New York 24USDA ARS Grape Genetics Research Center, Geneva, NYUSDA_ARS_GrapeGeneticsResearchCenter.pdf
New York 24Little Sodus Bay HarborLittleSodusBayHarbor.pdf
New York 24Mount Morris Lake and DamMountMorrisLakeAndDam.pdf
New York 24Cape Vincent HarborCapeVincentHarbor.pdf
New York 24Pultneyville HarborPultneyvilleHarbor.pdf
New York 24Oswego HarborOswegoHarbor.pdf
New York 24Olcott HarborOlcottHarbor.pdf
New York 24Port Ontario HarborPortOntarioHarbor.pdf
New York 24Sackets HarborSacketsHarbor.pdf
New York 25Oak Orchard HarborOakOrchardHarbor.pdf
New York 25Irondequoit HarborIrondequoitHarbor.pdf
New York 25GLRI Braddock Bay RestorationGLRI_BraddockBayRestoration.pdf
New York 25Rochester HarborRochesterHarbor.pdf
New York 26103 Broderick Park, Buffalo, NY103_Broderick_Park_Buffalo.pdf
New York 261135 Scajaquada Creek1135_Scajaquada_Creek.pdf
New York 2614 Lake Ontario, Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY14_Lake_Ontario_Old_Fort_Niagara_Youngstown_NY.pdf
New York 26Black Rock and Tonawanda HarborsBlackRockTonaHarbor.pdf
New York 26Buffalo SAV Economy ActBuffalo_SAV_Economy_Act.pdf
New York 26Buffalo HarborBuffaloHarbor.pdf
New York 26FUSRAP Guterl SteelGuterlSteelLockport.pdf
New York 26FUSRAP Niagara Falls Storage SiteNiagaraFallsStorage.pdf
New York 26FUSRAP Seaway Landfill SiteSeawayLandfill.pdf
New York 26FUSRAP Tonawanda LandfillTonawandaLandfill.pdf
New York 26Little River HarborLittleRiverHarbor.pdf
New York 26USEPA Katherine StreetUSEPA_KatherineStreet.pdf
New York 26Wilson HarborWilsonHarbor.pdf
New York 26Buffalo CDF 4BuffaloCDF4.pdf
New York 26Times BeachTimesBeach.pdf
New York 26Toledo CDFLRB_External_ToledoCDF.pdf
New York 26GLRI Emerald ShinerGLRI_EmeraldShiner.pdf
OhioOhio Environmental InfrastructureOhioEnvironmentalInfrastructure.pdf
Ohio 05204 Black River Wetland Creation, Lorain OH204_Black_River_Wetland_Creation_Lorain_OH.pdf
Ohio 05FUSRAP Luckey SiteLuckey.pdf
Ohio 05Lorain HarborLorainHarbor.pdf
Ohio 07205 Cuyahoga River, Ind205_Cuyahoga_River_Ind.pdf
Ohio 07Rocky River HarborRockyRiverHarbor.pdf
Ohio 09204 Lake Erie Wetlands, Huron Harbor OH204_Lake_Erie_Wetlands_Huron_Harbor_OH.pdf
Ohio 09Cooley Canal HarborCooleyCanalHarbor.pdf
Ohio 09GLFER Tow-Path Park, Maumee City Schools, Maumee, OHGLFER_Tow_Path_Park_Maumee_City_Schools_Maumee_OH.pdf
Ohio 09GLLA Lower Maumee River.pdfGLLA_Lower_Maumee_River.pdf
Ohio 09Huron HarborHuronHarbor.pdf
Ohio 09IIS Program-NASA Armstrong Test Facility (ATF)NASA_ArmstrongTestFacility.pdf
Ohio 09Port Clinton HarborPortClintonHarbor.pdf
Ohio 09Put In Bay HarborPutInBayHarbor.pdf
Ohio 09Sandusky HarborSanduskyHarbor.pdf
Ohio 09Toledo HarborToledoHarbor.pdf
Ohio 09Toussaint RiverToussaintRiver.pdf
Ohio 09Vermilion HarborVermilionHarbor.pdf
Ohio 09West HarborWestHarbor.pdf
Ohio 11Cleveland HarborClevelandHarbor.pdf
Ohio 11Euclid Creek Spillway, Cleveland, OHEuclid_Creek_Spillway_Cleveland_OH.pdf
Ohio 11FUSRAP Harshaw Chemical, ClevelandHarshawChemicalCleveland.pdf
Ohio 11GLLA Cuyahoga River Old ChannelGLLA_Cuyahoga_River_Old_Channel.pdf
Ohio 13GLRI Boston Mills Cuyahoga RiverGLRI_BostonMillsCuyahogaRiver.pdf
Ohio 13USEPA Station RoadUSEPA_StationRoad.pdf
Ohio 1414 Grand River Bank Street14_Grand_River_Bank_St.pdf
Ohio 14204 Ashtabula Reg Sed Mgmt204_Ashtabula_Reg_Sed_Mgmt.pdf
Ohio 14Ashtabula HarborAshtabulaHarbor.pdf
Ohio 14CG Mentor Marsh Flowering Rush ControlCG_Mentor_Marsh_Flowering_Rush_Control.pdf
Ohio 14Fairport HarborFairportHarbor.pdf
Ohio 14GLFER Harpersfield DamGLFER_Harpersfield_Dam.pdf
Ohio 14, Pennsylvania 16Conneaut HarborConneautHarbor.pdf
Ohio 14, Pennsylvania 161135 Lake Erie Conneaut Harbor OH1135_Lake_Erie_Conneaut_Harbor_OH.pdf
Pennsylvania 16Erie HarborErieHarbor.pdf
Pennsylvania 16GLFER Conneaut CreekGLFER_Conneaut_Creek_PA.pdf
Pennsylvania 16Presque Isle ShorelinePresqueIsleBeachNourishment.pdf
Pennsylvania 16FUSRAP Former Superior Steel SiteFormerSuperiorSteel.pdf