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Meeting the needs of the nation 

That's the job of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Buffalo District

Our core Competencies speak for themselves:






Did you know that the Corps of Engineers has been evolving in recent years? We have expanded beyond our traditional role of flood control and navigation to include missions such as environmental restoration, improving water quality, and supporting other agencies.

We have developed successful partnering relationships with state, county, and local government as well as other federal agencies to produce effective solutions to meet engineering and scientific needs. Our "one door to the Corps" policy provides access to our worldwide network of Corps labs, centers of technical expertise, and our contractors. Our values-based organization is respected, responsive and reliable and continues to seek ways to streamline operations to maintain our affordability for our customers.

Our customers benefit because we offer one stop service, efficiency, and experience. Our emphasis is on performance and sharing of accountability. We work with our customers to make things happen. With our diverse staff of professionals, our access to worldwide engineering expertise, and over 150 years of engineering experience, we have earned the highest marks in customer satisfaction. Some of our competencies include:


Flood Control

Funds Management


(Hydrographic Survey Data)

Project Management

Shore Protection

Construction Management

Environmental Restoration

Quality Assurance Inspections

Hazardous, Toxic and Radiologic Waste Removal 

Workplace Health and Safety Protection


Contract Evaluation

Interagency Support

Cost Engineering

State and Local Government Support

Comprehensive Management Plans

International Agency Support 

Design and Construction

For more than 200 years, The Corps has promoted economic growth. Today the Buffalo District continues that support to the nation. As one of the world's outstanding Engineer organizations, our technical knowledge extends from battle fields to Brownfields. The Buffalo District has earned the highest marks in customer care, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss our core competencies with you.

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