Great Lakes Data

  • Lake Erie and Ontario Forecast - Canadian / United States. Graphs available at these sites provide the most recent six month forecast for Lake Erie and Ontario levels. These forecast are prepared and coordinated by the Detroit District Corps of Engineers and Environment Canada at the beginning of each month and are published in the Monthly Bulletin of Lake Levels for the Great Lakes.
  • Weekly Lake Erie and Lake Ontario Level and Flow Statements – These statements are also available by calling toll free at 1-800-833-6390. This service is provided in support of the International Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River Board by the Buffalo District Corps of Engineers. The statements are updated each week.
  • Great Lakes Water Level Data – This site is maintained by the NOAA NOS Oceanographic Products and Services Division which is responsible for the collection, analysis and distribution of historical and real-time observations and predictions of water levels, coastal currents and other meteorological and oceanographic data.
  • Hydrologic Information – NOAA Hydrologic Information Center providing flood information, river/stream flow conditions, drought information, soil moisture conditions, snow conditions, water supply outlooks, and meteorological outlooks.
  • River Forecasts – National Weather Service Northeast River Forecast Center. River forecasts and guidance approximately 100 forecast locations throughout New England and New York.
  • Tides, Currents and Water Levels – This site is maintained by the Canadian Hydrographic Service providing data on tides, currents, and water level information throughout the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay. Information provided includes water level advisory announcements, water levels, forecasts, historical data, and other information.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District Navigation Charts