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Guterl Steel Site


The former Simonds Saw and Steel Company, located in Lockport, New York, was contracted by the Atomic Energy Commission to conduct work in support of the Nation's early atomic energy and weapons program. Between 1948 and 1956 the facility was used for foundry work and rolling mill operations on over 25-million pounds of uranium metals and over 30-thousand pounds of thorium metals. Simonds Saw and Steel was sold to Wallace and Murray, and then sold to Guterl Specialty Steel Corporation. In March 1984 Allegheny International (now Allegheny Ludlum Corporation) purchased the entire site with the exception of those areas that had been used during the AEC activities.


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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is investigating the nature and extent of radiological contamination at the Guterl Steel Site (formerly Simonds Saw and Steel site) in the city of Lockport, New York. The site is located about 20 miles northeast of Buffalo and is bordered by Route 93 to the west, Route 31 to the north, Ohio Street and the Erie Barge Canal to the south and east. The Remedial Investigation characterizing radiological contamination at the Guterl Specialty Steel Site was recently completed and the report is available in the Reports section of this Web page.

During the Remedial Investigation the Corps of Engineers reviewed historical information and coordinated with state, county and local agencies, and stakeholders. Project specific goals and data quality objectives were established and a data gap analysis was completed. Data quality assurance and control measures were developed for sampling of site surface soil, subsurface soil, groundwater, sediments, surface water, and building media. Sampling and associated data gathering activities were completed in December 2007. Independent laboratory analytical data was used to define the nature and extent, and quantity of radiological contamination and to evaluate the potential risk to human health and the environment from the contamination.

Also completed during the investigation was the development of a groundwater model, preparing a fate, transport and exposure analysis, performing a baseline risk assessment and evaluating legally applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements (ARARs).

The US Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District welcomes your input at any time. Our goal is to offer timely and meaningful opportunities for public input to our projects and to promote the dissemination of project information to the community. Public involvement activities complement the Corps' mission to address environmental contamination at the Guterl Site from past Manhattan Engineer District and Atomic Energy Commission activities.

You are welcome to contact us. If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Guterl Site, please send an e-mail to You may also mail a letter to:

USACE, Buffalo District
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or call us at 1-800-833-6390 (option 4).

Community Relations Plan for the Guterl Site (Mar 2020)



Data Gap Analysis Report for Guterl Steel (Mar 2012)

Remedial Investigation, Guterl Steel, Text (Jul 2010)

Remedial Investigation, Appendix A - Historical Reports Figures and Tables

Remedial Investigation, Appendix B - RI Daily Quality Control Summary Reports

Remedial Investigation, Appendix C - Remedial Investigation Photographs

Remedial Investigation, Appendix D - Geophysical Reports

Remedial Investigation, Appendix E - Excised Area Building Evaluations

Remedial Investigation, Appendix F - Onsite Soil Core Scanner Log Sheets

Remedial Investigation, Appendix G - Subsurface Boring Logs

Remedial Investigation, Appendix H1 - Geotechnical Laboratory Report

Remedial Investigation, Appendix H2 - Technical Memorandum

Remedial Investigation, Appendix I - Niagara County Municipal Water Supply Water Quality Report

Remedial Investigation, Appendix J - Monitoring Well Boring Logs

Remedial Investigation, Appendix K - Monitoring Well Construction Diagrams

Remedial Investigation, Appendix L - Monitoring Well Development Records

Remedial Investigation, Appendix M - Slug Test Data and Calculations

Remedial Investigation, Appendix N - Low-flow Groundwater Purging and Sampling Logs

Remedial Investigation, Appendix O - Groundwater Elevation Data

Remedial Investigation, Appendix P - IA08 Feature Descriptions and Sketches

Remedial Investigation, Appendix Q - Erie Canal Work Permit

Remedial Investigation, Appendix R - Investigation Derived Waste

Remedial Investigation, Appendix S - Radiological Laboratory Data

Remedial Investigation, Appendix T - Building Survey Data

Remedial Investigation, Appendix U - Hydrogeological Modeling

Remedial Investigation, Appendix V - Human Health Risk Assessment Tables

Remedial Investigation, Appendix W - SLERA Tables

Remedial Investigation Field Sampling Plan, Guterl Steel (Jun 2007)

Preliminary Assessment / Site Inspection, Former Guterl Specialty Steel (Apr 2001)

Site Eligibility Letter, Former Guterl Specialty Steel (May 2000)


(All document files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.)

To request specific FUSRAP documents, please fill out this Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form and submit it to the Buffalo District FOIA Coordinator listed on the form.


The administrative record file is a collection of documents that form the basis for the selection of a response action at an environmental restoration site. Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is required to establish an administrative record for every remedial or response action under the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP). The administrative record file for the Guterl Site can be found at the following link:

Administrative Record File for the Guterl Site