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Joslyn Manufacturing Site


The Joslyn Manufacturing Site is located in Fort Wayne, in Allen County, Indiana. From 1943 until 1946, the former Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Company, currently known as the Fort Wayne Steel Corporation, processed uranium billets into metal rods under subcontract with the University of Chicago. Documentation also exists that indicates that Joslyn continued to roll uranium rods until at least 1949 for the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The primary operations performed by the former Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Co. consisted of tempering, hot rolling, quenching, straightening, cooling, grinding, abrasive cutting, waste burning, and threading of natural uranium billets into metal rods.


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 Project Status

It was determined in August 2004 that the former Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Company would be investigated to determine its eligibility for inclusion into the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP). The Corps of Engineers completed a Preliminary Assessment of the site in August 2005 and a Site Inspection in May 2007. Based on the results of these investigations, the Corps of Engineers recommended that a Remedial Investigation be conducted of the site to determine the nature and extent of AEC-related contamination and the associated risks to human health and the environment.

A Remedial Investigation of the Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Co. FUSRAP Site was initiated in March 2020.

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Joslyn Sampling and Analysis Plan (Jul 2019)

Site Inspection, Joslyn Manufacturing Site (May 2007)

Preliminary Assessment, Joslyn Manufacturing Site (Aug 2005)

Eligibility Letter, Former Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Co. (Aug 2004)

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