Tonawanda Landfill Administrative Record

The administrative record file is a collection of documents that form the basis for the selection of a response action at an environmental restoration site.  Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is required to establish an administrative record for every remedial or response action under the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP).

The documents included in the Tonawanda Landfill Vicinity Property administrative record file are arranged by subject code and are identified with unique numbers to assist in tracking and retrieval of the documents.

The index linked below and file will be updated as major reports are completed. As the updates are issued, the file will be replaced with new information.

Index of the Administrative Record File for the Tonawanda Landfill Vicinity Property

01 Site Management Records

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 01.01 Correspondence


 01.06 Reference Documents
 01.07 Federal, State, Local Technical Records
 01.09 Preliminary Assessment (PA) and Site Inspection (SI) Reports
 01.12 Meeting Documents
 01.19 Data

03 Remedial Investigation

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 03.01 Correspondence
 03.02 Sampling and Analysis Data and Plans
 03.04 Work Plans/Site Safety and Health Plans/Progress Reports
 03.10 Remedial Investigation (RI) Reports and other final RI-related reports
 03.11 Health and Endangerment Assessments/Risk Assessments
 03.12 Meeting Minutes

05 Record of Decision (ROD)

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 05.08 Public Notices, Comments Received, and Responses to Comments
 05.09 Record of Decision (ROD)

08 Public Affairs-Community Relations

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 08.01 Correspondence
 08.06 Community Relations Plan (CRP) or Public Involvement Plan (PIP)
 08.08 News Clippings and Press Releases
 08.10 Public Meeting Minutes/Transcripts/Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) and Technical Review Committee (TRC)
 08.11 Fact Sheets/Newsletters
 08.12 Written Responses to Public Comments/Questions
 08.13 Public Notices