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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, through its Interagency and International Services program, provides planning, engineering design and construction management, environmental services, and technical assistance related to water, natural resources, buildings, and infrastructure. Assistance can vary from providing highly specific technical advice to complete program management services.



           ~ Through deeds, not words, we are BUILDING STRONG® ~

  • Funding for these services is provided by the requesting entity. Reimbursable support is arranged through the execution of a written agreement.
  • The USACE support to other agencies helps them meet their program challenges while avoiding duplication of federal capabilities and agency start up and closeout activities. Under the USACE IIS program, state and local governments are able to access USACE-unique support capabilities.
  • The IIS program also enables other government agencies and the private sector to access cost-saving technologies and expertise from USACE laboratories and technical centers of expertise.
  • The USACE, through its IIS program, functions largely as a contract manager using the talents of the private sector to accomplish actual tasks. Highly competent government management support and private sector technical support is a combination that best serves the public interest and specific requirements of our IIS partners and partners.

What Our Partners Say

USACE is providing great services and ICE will continue to partner and perform construction throughout the nation and territories. ~Program Director, Owned Facilities, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
"Working with your members was a great experience and I don't know if we will ever be able to express enough thanks for the time and extremely valuable training provided." ~Justin Proulx, USACE Detroit District
I have worked with the USACE Buffalo District staff throughout that entire time and have learned to use them as my "gold standard". Not only do they supply the needed support for projects, they exemplify what the highest rated products should look like. I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to anyone else looking to use the Buffalo District staff on a project. ~Demaree Collier, US EPA
"This idea of jointness has morphed from a best practice to a necessity. In a time of fiscal constraint and austerity, this is the way to go." ~Randy Gallegos, Chief of Border Patrol Detroit Sector

Interagency Support FAQs

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 Who are our clients?  

IIS Clients

  • Non-DOI Federal Agencies
  • State and local governments
  • Tribal communities
  • Foreign governments
  • International organizations
  • U.S. businesses

Current Buffalo District Customers

  • U.S. Customs & Border Protection
  • U.S. Immigrations & Customs Enforcement
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • U.S. Army Reserve
  • Marine Reserves
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • NASA Glenn Research Center
 The IIS Blueprint
  1. Contact the LRB IIS Program

    Phone: 716-879-4276
    Fax: 716-879-4194
    Email: buffalo-iis@usace.army.mil

  2. Discuss with the LRB IIS Team the services you and your organization require.

  3. The LRB IIS Program Team will take you through the many options available to get work started and solutions underway. The USACE can perform work under the IIS program for various agencies in accordance with several different authorities, the most common of which are outlined below:

  • Economy in Government Act [31 USC 1535] – Federal agencies 
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation Act [31 USC 6505] – State and local governments
  • Chief ’s Economy Act [10 USC 3036(d)] – Federal agencies;state, local, territorial, and tribal governments 
  • Federal Technology Transfer Act [15 USC 3710(a)] – Public and private entities 
  • There are other authorities we may be able to use to perform services for you.

The USACE, as part of the Department of the Army, is bound by requirements within these authorities as well as by specific terms and conditions dictated by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (DOD FMR). We will work with you as best we can to meet your needs.

 What are our facility Management Capabilities?
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • Master Planning
  • Real Estate Procurement
  • Environmental Assessment, Compliance Audits, and Permitting
  • Sustainability Implementation
  • Design
  • Design-Build
  • New Construction
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Renovations
  • Demolition
  • Safety Management
  • Contract Acquisition and Administration
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Energy Audits
 What are our core mission skills?

The following USACE competencies are skill sets that fall within our core mission areas:

One-Stop Services: Provide life cycle Project Management and related services with a full range of multidisciplinary capabilities.

Synergistic Relationships: Leverage the resources of multiple partners to provide regionally coordinated solutions to challenges.

Expeditionary Mindset: Respond quickly to wide ranging needs throughout the world with flexible staffing, diverse technical capabilities, and contracting tools.

Force Multiplier: Assemble expandable, multidisciplinary technical teams by leveraging assets and capabilities of other agencies and contractors.

Technical Competence: A proven track record of engineering excellence.

IIS Support Services


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Contact the IIS Program

Phone: 716-879-4446

Fax: 716-879-4194

Email: buffalo-iis@usace.army.mil 


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