Construction Operations, Management, and Oversight


The Corps of Engineers Buffalo District provides full-scale construction operations, management, and oversight services to partners across the United States and abroad. With an experienced staff of registered professionals, the group is qualified to perform services in-house as well as expeditiously award contracts to support your agency’s mission.              

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The Construction Branch’s mission is partnering with our customers and contractors to deliver safe, timely, economic, technically sound, environmentally responsible, and sustainable construction management services and contract administration in a responsible manner.  Delivery of services is provided by a highly qualified and professional staff of engineers, construction managers and construction representatives focused on:

  • Construction quality (provide quality products to our customers which meet or exceed their expectations on quality, schedule and cost)

  • Safety (provide a safe working environment) 

  • Risk management (identifying, analyzing and responding to risks to achieve the project objectives) 

  • Cost efficient and effective resource management 

  • Technical excellence across the full facilities life cycle

  • Sustainable projects that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient

  • Customer engagement and satisfaction

  • Employee development (be a learning organization, developing the technical and leadership skills of our team)

  • Army Values (our work is founded on the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity and personal courage)

Sample Construction Contract Management & Administration Projects:


Navigation dredging


Lock and dam repairs


Breakwater repairs


Beach nourishment


Prison expansion


Medical renovation




Streambank restoration


Flood control


Invasive species control


Shoreline erosion


Ecosystem restoration


Roadway improvements


Beneficial use of dredged material


Navigation improvements


Overseas contingency support


Emergency response


Military facilities construction

FUSRAP/DERP-FUDS environmental remediation and restoration



  • Interagency and International Services (IIS):  Customs and Border Protection, NASA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, USFWS, USCG, Veterans Administration, Dept. of Energy, USEPA


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Contact the IIS Program

Phone: 716-879-4446

Fax: 716-879-4194



Click here to print our IIS E-Business Card!