Environmental Restoration


The Corps of Engineers Buffalo District provides full-scale environmental restoration services to partners across the United States and abroad. With an experienced staff of registered professionals, the group is qualified to perform services in-house as well as expeditiously award contracts to support your agency’s mission.


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  •  Planning of Ecological Restoration
  •  Conceptual Ecological Design
  •  Plans and Specs Development
  •  Stream, Wetland, Riverine Restoration
  •  Invasive Species Treatment/Control
  •  Monitoring and Adaptive Management Planning
  •  Dam Removal



Detailed Services and Expertise

  •      Environmental Impact Assessments
  •  Historic preservation, Historic document search and analysis
  •  Community outreach, public participation, and media relations
  •  Occupational safety and health assessments, compliance, and program support
  •  Geospatial data and imagery research and analysis
  •  Environmental records and data management
  •  Environmental Permitting

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Phone: 716-879-4446

Fax: 716-879-4194

Email: buffalo-iis@usace.army.mil 


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