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GIS Photos

 Comparison of field results with the results of the web-based sediment transport tools for Old Women Creek, OH.
 Determination of river miles reconnected with proposed dam removal in Chautauqua Creek, NY.

Geospatial Support


The Corps of Engineers Buffalo District provides full-scale geospatial support services to partners across the United States and abroad. With an experienced staff of registered professionals, the group is qualified to perform services in-house as well as expeditiously award contracts to support your agency’s mission.


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Through its IIS program, the Buffalo District can offer a wide variety of GIS solutions to help make “SMART” decisions. With a number of highly skilled GIS professionals with diverse backgrounds, the Buffalo District GIS Team can provide solutions to topics related to water resources, ecology, environmental remediation, facility planning, community planning, and more.

  • Environmental Data Management Solutions (analytical, lithological, and sampling information)

  • Geodatabase design, implementation and management (personal, file, and enterprise solutions)

  • Ecological analysis such as corridor analysis

  • Site selection, Viewshed, Line of Sight, and Hotspot Analysis

  • Mobile data acquisition and analysis

  • Creation of web-based mapping and data management applications (Flex, Javascript API and ASP.Net)

  • 3-D Modeling (Volumetric modeling and 3-D representations)

  • Use the latest technology in remote sensing for performing aerial, hydrographic, and topographic surveys

  • Photogrammetric mapping and generation of digital terrain models, topographic contours, and cross-sections

  • Cartographic mapping and related products