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The talented workforce here at the Buffalo District, have come up with many innovated ways in which we can help other agencies and be a service to the nation. Our “ISS Innovations” page was developed to showcase some of our cutting edge technologies and the many ways in which we are using them to engineer innovative solutions.

Below is a great example of a Buffalo District Innovation that is helping solve complex issues at the Tonawanda Landfill Site, Tonawanda, NY.

The USACE Buffalo District is utilizing Geostatistics and ArcGIS 3D Analyst to help estimate and visualize volumetric amounts of radiologically-impacted soils, sediment, and groundwater at sites contaminated by activities related to the Nation's early atomic energy program.

*The videos below were featured at the 2016 International ESRI Conference*

Tonawanda Landfill Deep Excavation

Tonawanda Landfill Shallow Excavation

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