Water Resources Management and Hydraulics & Hydrology


The Corps of Engineers Buffalo District provides full-scale water resource management and hydraulic and hydrology support services to partners across the United States and abroad. With an experienced staff of professionals, the group is qualified to perform services in-house as well as expeditiously award contracts to support your agency’s mission.


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Through its IIS program, the Buffalo District is very excited to share with you it’s capabilities in the areas of hydraulics & hydrology engineering. For many years the Buffalo District’s H&H Team has been showcasing its expertise with aspects associated with the following activities:

  • Environmental Restoration Studies

  • Flood Plain Management Studies

  • Flood Control Studies

  • Sediment Transport Modeling

  • Interior Drainage Analysis

  • Reservoir Analysis

  • Watershed and Stream Modeling

  • Assist in the Inspection of Completed Projects

  • Evaluate Current Conditions of Completed Projects

  • Monitor Weather and Stream Conditions

  • Flood Fights and Technical Advice

  • Cooperative Stream Gaging Program

  • Dam Safety

    The cornerstone of the work we do as the Corps of Engineers is based on our ability to do quality hydraulic and hydrological engineering. Our H&H Team has been relied on to establish baseline conditions of the waters of the U.S. and predict the effects of all kinds of projects. As an organization, we make it a priority to be the leaders in the area of hydraulic and hydrological engineering, and through our IIS program, we would like to offer these elite H&H services to entities that are in need of support.


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Phone: 716-879-4446

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Email: buffalo-iis@usace.army.mil 


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