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Nationwide Permit (NWP) Information: Find copies of each NWP valid in NY and OH, news on NWPs, and other NWP info. 
NY Permit Info & Application: Find permit application forms, information for applying for a permit, types and the permit application process
OH Permit Info & ApplicationFind permit application forms, information for applying for a permit, types and the permit application process
Check Permit Status: Find info for pending applications, finalized actions, finalized Approved Jurisdictional Determinations, and the National ORM Public Portal (a map viewer to find actions). 
Public Notices: Find public notices for permits by month/year.

Section 408 Requests and Section 404/10 Applications

408 Overview: Information of the Section 408 program
WRDA 214
Waters & Wetlands: Find Info for Definition of Waters of the U.S., Wetland Delineations, Jurisdictional Determinations, Compensatory Mitigation, and Section 10 waterways.
Other Resources: Find links to other agencies and sites with relevant info pertaining to USACE Regulatory.
*UPDATE September 1, 2023* Consultant List Within the US Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District Boundaries
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Contact Us!

Please submit new permit applications to the Buffalo District Office and use the Buffalo District office contact information for general questions/inquiries - See APPLICATION SUBMITTAL DIRECTIONS at the bottom of this page

If you leave a message regarding general questions and inquiries, a Regulatory staff member will return your call as soon as possible; generally within 24 hours or the next business day.

Buffalo District Office
478 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202 
Telephone: (716)879-4330
Fax: (716)879-4300


Email us:

General Inquiries

Ohio application submittals only 

New York application submittals only

Alleged Violations, Compliance, or Non-compliance matters 

Auburn Field Office
 7413 County House Road
Auburn, NY 13021
Telephone: (315)255-8090
Fax: (315)255-1492

Oak Harbor Field Office
 240 Lake Street, Unit D
Oak Harbor, OH 43449
Telephone: (419)898-3491
Fax: (419)898-4292

Stow Field Office
 3869 Darrow Road, Suite 100
Stow, OH 44224
Telephone: (330)923-8197

Application Submittal Directions

New Submittals - We have created three email boxes where all new submittals, where you are not already working with a Project Manager, should be emailed to as follows: for Ohio application submittals only for New York application submittals only for Alleged Violations, Compliance, or Non-compliance matters


  1. Please consider file size limits when submitting information electronically.  Files larger than 5MB may need to be submitted in multiple files that are emailed separately, or through use of DoD Safe. For large files (from 25 MB up to 8GB) you should use DoD SAFE allows users the capability to securely send and receive large files, including files that are too large to be transmitted via email. If using DoD SAFE you must send files to a Regulatory staff member, and you may request access using one of the email addresses above.
  2. Submittals received after normal business hours, or on weekends or holidays will be noted as received the next business day.

Pending Actions - The following link will provide the status of Pending Permit Applications or finalized Jurisdictional Determinations: Follow the directions below when submitting files associated with:

  • Submittals Assigned to, and Under Evaluation by a Regulatory Project Manager:
    • Submit Electronic correspondence directly to the assigned Project Manager.  If assigned it will be noted on the Check Permit Status page.
    • Email subject line should be labeled with the Corps-assigned project number (ORM Number – shown on the Check Permit Status page) and/or project name and location. 
  • Unassigned pending actions:
    • Please contact our District office using the contact information above to request a status update.
    • Please include the Corps-assigned project number if noted on the Check Permit Status page when requesting a status update. 

PANDEMIC NOTE - If electronic submission is not possible, hard copy submissions thru postal mail will continue to be accepted.  Hard copy should only be provided when electronic submissions are not possible.  There will be intermittent access to postal mail and therefore this will further delay receipt, internal distribution and handling of your submittal.  Further, precautionary internal mail handling procedures may be instituted to protect our workforce, which may result in longer than normal times to receive hard copy submissions.