Jurisdictional Determinations

New! 31 October 2016 - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced today the issuance of a new Regulatory Guidance Letter (RGL) 16-01 regarding "Jurisdictional Determinations." The RGL explains the differences between approved and preliminary jurisdictional determinations (JDs) and provides guidance to the field and the regulated public on when it may be appropriate to issue an AJD as opposed to a PJD, or when it may be appropriate to not prepare any JD whatsoever. The Corps reaffirms its commitment to continue its practice of providing JDs when requested to do so, consistent with the guidance in the RGL. The RGL is available here and a set of Questions and Answers and other supporting information can be found here.

Completed Jurisdictional Determinations

Aquatic Resources Upload Sheet (Aquatic Resources only)

Consolidated Upload Sheet (Includes Aquatic Resources, Impacts, Mitigation, NWP actions, Clean Water Rule JDs, Regional General Permit actions, and Programmatic General Permit actions)

Jurisdictional Determination Guidebook and Related Guidance