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2017 Nationwide Info Ohio


Activities Authorized By 2017 Nationwide Permits for Ohio

1. Aids to Navigation

2. Structures in Artificial Canals

3. Maintenance

4. Fish and Wildlife Harvesting, Enhancement, and Attraction Devices and Activities

5. Scientific Measurement Devices

6. Survey Activities

7. Outfall Structures and Associated Intake Structures

8. Oil and Gas Structures on the Outer Continental Shelf

9. Structures in Fleeting and Anchorage Areas

10. Mooring Buoys

11. Temporary Recreational Structures

12. Utility Line Activities

13. Bank Stabilization

14. Linear Transportation Projects

15. U.S. Coast Guard Approved Bridges

16. Return Water From Upland Contained Disposal Areas

17. Hydropower Projects

18. Minor Discharges

19. Minor Dredging

20. Response Operations for Oil or Hazardous Substances

21. Surface Coal Mining Activities

22. Removal of Vessels

23. Approved Categorical Exclusions

24. Indian Tribe or State Administered Section 404 Programs

25. Structural Discharges

26. [Reserved]

27. Aquatic Habitat Restoration, Establishment, and Enhancement Activities

28. Modifications of Existing Marinas

29. Residential Developments

30. Moist Soil Management for Wildlife

31. Maintenance of Existing Flood Control Facilities

32. Completed Enforcement Actions

33. Temporary Construction, Access, and Dewatering

34. Cranberry Production Activities

35. Maintenance Dredging of Existing Basins

36. Boat Ramps

37. Emergency Watershed Protection and Rehabilitation

38. Cleanup of Hazardous and Toxic Waste

39. Commercial and Institutional Developments

40. Agricultural Activities

41. Reshaping Existing Drainage Ditches

42. Recreational Facilities

43. Stormwater Management Facilities

44. Mining Activities

45. Repair of Uplands Damaged by Discrete Events

46. Discharges in Ditches

47. [Reserved]

48. Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture Activities

49. Coal Remining Activities

50. Underground Coal Mining Activities

51. Land-Based Renewable Energy Generation Facilities

52. Water-Based Renewable Energy Generation Pilot Projects

53. Removal of Low-Head Dams

54. Living Shorelines